Are you aware of the current amount of settlement funds required for the express entry program?

If you’re planning to immigrate to Canada under the express entry program, then this post is for you. The federal government has increased the funds for certain skilled workers that they need to show in order to migrate to Canada. If you want to qualify without a job offer under the Express entry managed Federal Skill Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program then you need to have a certain amount of settlement funds as per the new regulations. However, if you are applying for a visa under the Canadian Experience Class and have a valid job offer then you’re exempted from this regulation. 

Sounds confusing? Do not worry! If you have any questions regarding the settlement funds or wish to apply for a visa under the express entry program, then Daniel Massé Lawyer and his team will guide you through the entire process. Having been in the field for many years now, Avocat Daniel Massé and his team are quite familiar with the Canadian visa process and the regulation. They can guide you and offer suggestions so that you can migrate and settle down in Canada without any hassle. 

If you are concerned about how much funds you need to have to be eligible under this program, then Daniel Massé Attorney and his team can guide you.

Remember the settlement funds requirement is updated by the government regularly and it could affect your eligibility.

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